God knows everything about you……live accordingly

“Does he who fashioned the ear not hear?  Does he who formed the eye not see?” Psalm 94:9.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading; Ecclesiastes 10-12, Psalm 94, and Ephesians 5.

God knows what’s going on.

Why would the Designer not know about the designed?

We often think that we are alone, but we never are.  God is in our midst whether we acknowledge it or not.

When I taught kids to drive I told them that we like having the police around.  We’re comfortable with them nearby.  Why?  Because we were obeying all the rules of the road.

If I am living the way God wants me to live, I can rejoice that He’s around because I am intent on pleasing Him.

My life must rightly represent Him.  There are no secrets that I can hide from Him.  Since I am an open book to Him, I should be certain that my life can stand up under His scrutiny.

“Lord, You know all about me.  I want my life to please You in every way.  Direct me.  Guide me.  Prick my conscience when I am messing up so that I can make corrections.  You are a great God.  Hallelujah.”

Do you think that you are hiding parts of your life from Him?  That isn’t possible.

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