God will get His Way

“Know, then, that not a word the Lord has spoken against the house of Ahab will fail.  The Lord has done what he announced through his servant Elijah.”  2 Kings 10:10.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading; 2 Kings 10, 2 Chronicles 22-23, and 1 Timothy 5.

God’s Way will eventually happen!

We have free will, but God knows where that free will is going to take us.

Jehu carried out the destruction of Ahab and his family.  Mind you that Jehu was merely a “part-timer” when it came to doing what God wanted.  He, however, seemed to relish doing this part.  Other parts of God’s Will he deliberately disobeyed.

God’s Will is going to be carried out by God’s chosen instrument.  That “instrument” may even be ungodly but God’s Will shall prevail nonetheless.

God has a plan for my life.  I almost always know the hour-by-hour things I should be doing.  I have no excuse for treating my wife unkindly on the way to church!

My plan must be to do everything I can to please Him instant-by-instant.  I cannot follow a course that pleases me but may not please Him.  There are consequences for that lifestyle.  God will not be ignored.  His Will gets done.

“Lord, have Your Way with me.  I want to be part of Your Will being done.  Forgive me for ignoring You.  For behaving as if you are a distant relative.  You are nearby and You are a jealous God.  You want my attention.  You want me honoring my full commitment to You.  Help me, Father.  I am indeed weak.  I need You every second.”

Do you intentionally follow God’s Will?


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