God Is In Charge

“If this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the unrighteous for punishment on the day of judgment.”  2 Peter 2:9.

In the previous five verses, Peter writes about angels, Noah, and Lot.

The angels that sinned were thrown out of heaven into hell and will be there until judgment day.

Noah and his family were rescued from a godless culture because they were righteous.

Lot was rescued from two doomed cities (Sodom and Gomorrah) because he was troubled by the unrighteousness of those two places.

I would add that Abraham played an important part in Lot’s rescue by interceding with God for him.

That background sets the scene for verse nine which summarizes how God works.

Evil is going to get punished, if not in this world, certainly in the after-life.  In the Noah/Lot examples evil is punished in this world.  In our day, characters like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, are also getting punished in this world.

However, in some of the school shootings of recent years, the shooter has taken his own life. Why? To avoid punishment. Faulty logic!  Evil will be punished in the after-life.

God can lift the Godly out of the trials they are facing, and away from the disasters in their midst.  The key ingredient in the Noah/Lot rescues was their obedience.  They did what God asked of them and He took care of them.

The Lot story resonates with me today.  I received word that a relative of mine needs to be pulled out of the “Sodom” she had gotten herself into.  From a Godly family, and likely a believer, she has followed the path of the prodigal son away from home and into a relationship/setting that is godless.  BUT God hasn’t lost track of her!  He knows where that girl is. He is willing/able to pull her out of a relationship/setting that she’s gotten comfortable in.  Lot was similar. He had established himself in Sodom, but he was “tormented” (verse 8) living among them.  I suspect that my relative is like Lot in this regard.

God knows how to rescue the Godly.  Lot’s uncle Abraham stood where my family now stands as he asked God to come to the rescue.  He did it for Lot.  He can do it for my relative.

Conclusion: Evil is going to be punished.  God has an unlimited ability to rescue His own.

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