What Do I Say About Myself?

“Finally they said, ‘Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us.  What do you say about yourself?’”  John 1:22.

John the Baptist was eccentric.  His attire, his speech, and his hangout spot were all away from the norm.

But people were drawn to him.  Why?  He spoke with passion about the Messiah coming and told his listeners of their need to repent of their sins.

John called out folks (“You hypocrites!”) as he delivered a consistent message.

Those in the verse above realized that John wasn’t just another eccentric individual.  His lifestyle and his talk about the Messiah made them curious about his background.  “Who are you,” they wondered.  “Tell us about yourself.”

When I read the verse above, I started to think about the, “What-do-you-say-about-yourself?” question that John was asked.

What am I all about?  Why is that something people don’t ask me?

Is it that my life isn’t cut-and-dried for Him?  Is my love of God not obvious?

That’s four questions in a row!

My life must be lived entirely for Him.  How would my current lifestyle have to change if I went that route?

I won’t go into my attire because most of it comes from thrift shops and yard sales!  It already has some John the Baptist qualities to it!

My speech would need a serious makeover.  When John spoke, he was speaking the words God told him to speak.  I have written frequently about my words.  So often I wish I could grasp them in mid-air before they reach the eardrums of those listening.

God, via the Bible, has given me plenty of “word” possibilities.  I am, therefore, not lacking words.  Instead, I’m lacking Godly selectivity in their use.  The words of my mouth MUST please Him.

Location is another area for me to consider.  John moved to a place where there wasn’t a lot of distraction. Too often I put myself in places where the glimmer of God’s presence is hardly noticeable.  I go into dark places without “charging my batteries” so that I can be light in a dark place.  I stumble in and stumble around like everyone else.

“What do I say about myself?”  I want to say that I am fully committed to God.  That I am willing to do and say what He prefers.

Conclusion: Will I honestly say that God has His Way in every part of my life?  If it isn’t so, what am I doing about it?

“Consider the lilies of the field………….”

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