All In With God

“Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”  Psalm 62:8.

God is looking for full-time, not part-time.

God has expectations and they are significant.  “All times” is when I must trust Him.  “Pour out” must indicate the quality of my prayers.

Neither of those two things are natural.  I get caught too often trusting myself.  Something is trivial, or something is major, and God becomes an after-thought. I am likely to involve Him in the in-between stuff. I could also add that in major things, I usually turn to Him, but not always initially.  That needs to change.  I see the most work needed for me on the small stuff.  I foolishly think, “Why bother Him with this?”  But this verse in His living Word is quite clear; He wants me trusting Him “at all times.”

I am really bulls-eyed by the lack of passion in my prayers.  Pouring something out is not an occasional trickle.  Everything goes!  When I pray I have plenty left over in my heart.

There was a singer at Gordon College named Clyde.  I loved to hear that guy sing.  Why?  He poured out everything he had.  He sang from the heart and gave it his all.  There could never be an encore from him because he truly had no singing energy left.  Could a person pray like that?  I cringe at how far my style of praying is from that.

What can I do about fixing the “quality” of my prayers?  Here are a few quick thoughts: (1) I could shorten the list of what I pray about, (2) I could refresh my thinking on Who God is and what He is capable of doing, and (3) I could remind myself of a verse such as today’s in which I am told to pour out my heart to Him.

On occasion, I think that I am “making progress” in my Christian life.  “I’m getting better at it,” I surmise.  It just isn’t so.  When my level of trust in Him and the passion in my interactions with Him are suspect, there is much still to do. And only by walking steadily with Him can things in me change for the better.

Conclusion: I must trust Him in all things.  I must pour out my heart to Him in prayer.


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