How Can I Know What He Wants Me to Do?

“Therefore, Jesus told them, ‘My time is not yet here; for you any time will do.”  John 7:6.

Jesus was going to do what God wanted Him to do and He knew what that would involve.

His earthly brothers, the “them” in today’s verse, did not.

I am not Jesus.  I do not know fully what God wants me to do.  This deficiency increases my need to actively seek His Will.  I cannot be lax in that seeking for fear of the consequences.

How often have I chosen to do something and then, later, asked Him to bless me!  Every time, I think about my doing that, I am ashamed by my foolishness.  God is not mocked.

How does God direct me?  The Bible is one way.  The Bible is a “living” document.  Its contents are relative to me NOW.  I can’t pass it off as out-of-date or irrelevant.  This is where Marilyn Hontz’, “Listening for God,” has recently been a big help.

Today’s verse relates to timing which I need to get straight.  Therefore, there’s something for me today.

I can learn His Will by listening to Godly preaching.  God gives people insights and I am blessed and helped when they share them with me.

His Will can come clear to me via circumstances.  Moved to a new place for three months has affected my life significantly.  Where will I go to church?  How will I interact with new neighbors?  Changing circumstances require a new seeking of His Will.

In today’s verse, we see individuals trying to shape what someone should do.  In some cases, the advice of others can be God-directed.  In others, such as in today’s verse, the advice must be ignored.  We can see that the brothers were mocking Jesus.  They weren’t comfortable with Him.  They knew that He wouldn’t come with them so even the request was a joke.  Applying today’s verse to myself means that I must bring before God the advice I get.

Sometimes God’s Will for me is in the heart of someone else.  How strongly would I listen to someone if I knew that they could give me God’s Will for a situation?  Consider how fast I would run from faulty advice.

Information comes to me from so many different sources, so how will I know what/whom to believe?  The need to be with Him unceasingly is imperative.

Conclusion: If I want to know His Will I must be in an ongoing relationship with Him. 

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