Went, Washed, and Saw

“’Go,’ he told him, ‘wash in the Pool of Siloam.’ So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.” John 9:7.

What a story!

The man in the story had been blind since he was born.  Jesus “happens” to come where he is.

I am sure that the man was used to people being around, but this time he hears his status being discussed by people nearby.  The apparent leader of them informs the others that his blindness did not result from sins committed by him or his family.

That’s sort of a relief but his blindness hasn’t changed.

Then things get strange.  He hears the leader of the group spit on the ground and the next thing he knows is that he has had some mud put on his eyes.

Before he can wipe the mud off, he’s told to wash it off in a “nearby” pool.  It doesn’t take much of an imagination to think that the blind man would have been quite bothered by what had just happened.  There isn’t even any mention that doing what he’s told will give him vision.

BUT, instead of throwing a fit, he goes off and does exactly as he was told.  The result?  He came home seeing!

In mediating on the story and this verse there are so many things to be said.

When difficult things come into my life I cannot assume that I have done something wrong.  Blindness was a difficult thing, but Jesus clearly states that it wasn’t punishment.  However, if I am doing something that I know is sin, bad things can happen for that reason.  God sets the time and place for such punishment.

Jesus says that He was going to be glorified by this man’s blindness.  He can be glorified in how I handle adversity too.

I love the role model behavior where the blind man did exactly what Jesus told him to do.  Remember Naaman, the Syrian leader?  Told to wash in the Jordan River to get rid of his leprosy, he gets all huffy puffy and doesn’t want to do it.  But the blind man?  He’s all in on what Jesus says to do.  And he ends up with his sight.

Doing what God wants me to do means to get everything, small and large, done as He wants.  I am unique.  What I face, others don’t face.  It is easy, therefore, to act as if God is not in the details of what I’m going through and so I can make up my own behavioral standards.  Not so!  He is the God of all my seasons.

I can trust God when I can’t see what He has in mind.  The blind man didn’t know who Jesus was, yet he followed His instructions.  Amazing faith!  I know who Jesus is.  He is my Savior.  I must trust Him even when I can’t see where that trust will lead me.  At some point, now or after-life, I will understand how glorious His plan was.  Until then?  Keep trusting.

Conclusions: God uses circumstances to get His Will done.  I must obey Him even when I don’t know where that obedience will lead me.


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