“That work is beneath me”

“The word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.’ ‘Alas, Sovereign Lord,’ I said….”  Jeremiah 1:4-6.

Jeremiah is a long way from young Samuel, isn’t he?

When God called Samuel, he answered, “Here am I.”

Jeremiah offers, “Alas, Sovereign Lord.”

Imagine if I had been told what my life would be like before it happened.  “You’re going to teach for thirty-nine years.  You’re going to have grandchildren and travel to the Caribbean.”  I would have been uttering the “Alas, but I doubt its’,”

God has had a plan for my life from the beginning.  Like Jeremiah, he knew me before I was me.  Therefore, I must always live to please Him.

Why don’t I please Him? I think that I have my own vision of what I am capable of or not capable of.  Jeremiah, after being informed of his future, was quick to mention that he wasn’t much of a speaker.

As part of today’s self-infatuated culture, I think that my problem goes to the other extreme: I imagine myself doing “great” things for God.  Those “great” things are my own imaginations for myself.  Successful at this.  Prominent because of that.

Whatever happened to really meaning, “I want to please You, no matter what that means I do or not do?”

Too often I start the day imagining what home runs I can hit for God.  Why can’t I imagine being willing to do whatever God wants?  He is in charge and knows my capabilities better than I do.

I must seek Him at each day’s get-go.  I could end up in a lesser role than I am used to.  If I can’t bring glory to Him in life’s “little” things, how can I possibly consider myself worthy to be called his worker.

How often do I look at “little” things as the pathway to bigger things?  I’ll do this “minor” task and they’ll give me the praise I crave and then elevate me to work that suits my (assumed) talents.  That’s all wrong!

I need to commit to glorifying Him in the things that come along…..no matter what they are.  The end must be about glorifying Him.  There cannot be anymore “Alas, that work is beneath me’s” in my thinkings.  I need to think instead, “Here I am.”

Conclusion: I belong to God and always have.  He has plans for my life and so whatever comes along must be engaged in to bring glory to Him.


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