Is your worship active or passive?

“No one is like you, Lord; you are great, and your name is mighty in power. Who should not fear you, King of the nations?  This is your due.” Jeremiah 10:6-7.

I was standing in church today, conflicted by forms of worship.  It was the music part and some in the audience were heavily involved raising their hands as they sang.  Others sang along but that was as involved as they got.

I find myself distracted at times in those settings, so I choose to sing with my eyes closed. In response to some lyrics I will raise my hands to Him.

Obviously, we don’t all worship the same way!  Not surprising, because we come from different backgrounds and traditions.

I wonder if those actively involved carry that enthusiasm out the church door into the rest of their lives.  When something doesn’t work, are they still in the worship mode?  Will they outwardly thank Him for what has come along?

With the passive group, I wonder if that lack of enthusiasm carries over to the rest of their lives.  If they’re at a sporting event, and something good for the team they support happens, do they sit passively or are they on their feet, clapping and raising their arms?

God is worthy of full-time worship.  As the end of verse seven states, “This is your due.”

Think of the things He has done.  It is easy to delve into the material things we have but bigger than those is how He erased our sin record to make us acceptable to Him on Judgment Day.  How can we forget that??  How can we not constantly worship Him over that alone??

Verse seven mentions “fear” but The Message uses, “be impressed by” which captures the thought better, I think.  There are so many natural happenings to be impressed with.  We have rain today.  We have had sunshine.  There are amazing clouds and awesome trees.  Will my eyes see them and my mind, at the same time, realize Who is responsible and credit Him?

My love for God must overflow into action.  That person sitting passively through the music may well do the best job of praising God by his actions outside the church.

During the past day I witnessed two examples of people displaying good qualities.  In the first, I was pulling my canoe up a small hill to my truck to load it on.  A guy on a bike road by, stopped, and came back asking if I needed help taking care of the canoe.  Why would he do that?  In the second, my wife and I were in the grocery store.  We had no idea where an item was.  We asked an employee if he knew its whereabouts.  He said that he had never heard of it but would try to get help finding it.  We declined that help deeming the item unimportant.  Moments later he tracked us down in another part of the store with the item in hand.  Why would he do that?

Were those two men believers?  It never entered the conversations with the two of them.  But what they did showed me what representing/worshiping God looks like in real life.  God’s love for me can’t be fathomed.  I have His Spirit within me.  My love for others must be on full display throughout this day.

Conclusion: My worship of God reflects the depth of my understanding of how awesome He is. 

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