I’m a mess away from God

“I am the vine; you are the branches.  If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  John 15:5.

Amen, to that!

I am going through a rough stretch that I brought on myself.

When I get apart from God, I don’t always realize it.  Having the company of Godly people often let’s my ungodliness pass unnoticed.

The trouble starts when someone else does notice and calls me on it.  Often, instead of realizing that I’m serving up ungodliness, I just compound it by taking someone else into ungodliness with me.  That’s what has been going on for part of today.

It’s wrong.  I know it’s wrong.

I have been using Marilyn Hontz,’ “Listening for God,” as a guide to reading Scripture.  She advocates reading along in a passage until it speaks directly to you.  Today was John 15 for me.

I didn’t get far until I came across a correction I needed – “apart from me…”

When I am apart from God, I am deadwood.  I am useless and worthless to God.  He can’t use me.

I miss out on so much.  Instead of growing in Him I’m loosening my attachment to Him.  He can’t be pleased!

My morning thoughts to seek Him must be lived out.  Some of these days, I suspect that I could have a prayer and praise service in my room and still make a mess of things an hour later!  And I live in a friendly environment!

I must simplify my relationship to God.  I am either with Him or against Him.  Satan takes over where God leaves off.  I can’t let go of God.

Based on today’s troubles, I must filter every word/deed through Him.  Maybe talking less and initiating less would help?

There are many tugs at me to do this or that.  When I most fast from one thought/deed to another I lose touch with God at times.  Unfortunately, in my setting I can slide away without creating waves.  Someone else, frustrated by my behavior, should be alerting me to being apart from Him.  Today, I heard no alert and off the deep end I went.

I need to be very conscious of God’s presence.  He’s in this room I’m writing in.  He’s in the room when I’m getting called out.  He hears my reaction.  He sees me living out the end of John 15:5 – apart from me you can do nothing.

Conclusion: Nothing good happens when I am apart from God.

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