“What did I do wrong to bring this on me?”

“Why has the Lord decreed such a great disaster against us?”

“What wrong have we done?”

“What sin have we committed against the Lord our God?”  Jeremiah 16:10.

“…….. you are following the stubbornness of your evil hearts instead of obeying me.” Jeremiah 16:12.

Jeremiah has bad news for the folks in Jerusalem.  They’re going to be uprooted.

Their reaction? What did we do to deserve this?

How should I react when things turn sour?  There are two possibilities; I can blame someone else or I can take ownership.

I believe that a Godly person can face difficulties with the assurance that God knows what He’s doing.  He will lead me out of them or He can comfort me in the midst of them.

If I question God’s intentions, then I am distrusting Him.  I am also assuming that my “goodnesses” have immuned me from adversity.

When trouble came my way yesterday, I learned once again that I cannot trust myself to do the right thing.  I confirmed once again for myself and those in my midst that I am still a sinner and certain to remain one.

I must take ownership of my neediness, and of God’s place in filling all my needs.  There can be no wiggle room.  I can read the Bible, pray, and whatever else Godly folks do and misrepresent Him to the next person I meet!  I cannot trust ME.  I must trust Him.

The hearts of the folks, Jeremiah is talking to, were evil, like mine.  They refused to recognize their sinfulness.  They trusted themselves.  Jeremiah tells them that God is calling them out and will soon move them out.

As a sinner, God has every right to punish me at any time.  I can never say, “Why, Lord?”  My days are in His Hands.

When I go the “Why, Lord?” route I am just like the people Jeremiah dealt with; I misunderstand God’s sovereignty and my need to entrust everything to Him.

Conclusion: God shapes the future and He will shape me to face it if I will allow Him to.



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