Enjoying His Word like never before

“Praise the Lord.  Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who find great delight in his commands.” Psalm 112:1.

What’s in it for me?

I changed my approach to Bible reading earlier this month.

My previous approach changed when I happened upon, “Listening for God,” by Marilyn Hontz at a church yard sale.

My primary drive before was to read a certain amount of the Bible each day so that I could read the entire Bible in a year.  I would retrieve something from each daily section and write about what it meant to me.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: There is nothing wrong with that approach.  Reading the entire Bible is a terrific activity and highly recommended.  I am NOT trying a discourage the Bible-in-a-year style.

For me, I had done that approach for over seven years.  I really enjoyed getting to know the whole Bible because before that I had never read it all the way through.

What got me interested in Marilyn’s book was its first 36 pages.  It was all about the Bible.  Marilyn was invited to speak at Urbana about “daily devotions.”  Marilyn agreed to do it and would have months to prepare for a presentation.  The tricky part for Marilyn was that she wasn’t even having daily devotions!  So, she asked a Godly friend about how she had daily devotions.  Marilyn learned from the friend that she should read Scripture “until God spoke directly to her.”  It changed Marilyn’s approach and it has changed mine.

I have learned a couple of important things about the Bible: (1) It is “living” and (2) It will speak directly to me.

Living?  The words may be different but it’s not out-of-date.  Yesterday in Psalm 93, storms are described but also included is the line, “the Lord on high is mighty.” God is not overwhelmed, as I often am, by what is going on in the world.

Speak to me?  I was so apprehensive about this part.  How could this be?  In my several weeks of trying it, however, it has never failed.  Today’s promise for me is that I am blessed when I find great delight in His Word. How true that has been!

I do not write this blog to promote anything.  The blog is intended to relate one person’s ongoing journey with God’s Word.  I make an exception to all this today: If you do not have a devotions approach in place, try to read Scripture until God speaks directly to you.  Be ready to be pleasantly surprised.

I underline the Scripture that speaks to me and date it.  I also write about it in this blog.  That works for me.

Conclusion: God’s Word is relevant and has plenty to tell me directly as I regularly read it.


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