Stop correcting me!

“Did Hezekiah king of Judah or anyone else in Judah put him to death?  Did not Hezekiah fear the Lord and seek his favor?  And did not the Lord relent, so that he did not bring the disaster he pronounced against them?  We are about to bring a terrible disaster on ourselves!”  Jeremiah 26:19.

I do not like to be corrected.

I believe that a high percentage of the struggles I have gotten into, centered on corrections.  Sometimes I was corrected and other times I did the correcting.

One of the trademarks of sinners is believing that we are right.  We elevate ourselves to loftiness and almost instantly assume superiority.

I can remember as teenager being certain that I knew more than my parents.  Realistically, they did know more but I seldom gave in to it.  Were my growing up years a bit rocky?  Sure were, and now you have a clue as to why.

Jeremiah told the Israelites something they didn’t want to hear.  He said that they needed to make corrections, or a disaster would happen to them.

Jeremiah even had the audacity to say these things loudly and clearly in the middle of where these folks worshiped.  This was bound to get some attention……and it did.

Some folks wanted to kill Jeremiah.  Shoot the messenger!  Others, recorded in today’s verse, referenced Hezekiah, a king who changed his ways when told that he needed to.  His way-changing spared his kingdom from a disaster.

When someone tells me to do something differently, what happens next?  Sadly, I usually choose to “kill” the messenger.  It is never pretty, and it certainly isn’t Godly.

I want God to direct my life.  I know that I am incapable of living a Godly life without Him in charge.

But how do I get His directions?  And corrections?  God put people into my life.  My wife-to-be lived over three hundred miles away from me before God brought us together in college.  He gave me a help-mate (54 years and counting) to help me manage my life.  Some of that managing involves correction: “We can’t afford to do that?”  “Why are you doing that?”  And many others.

My relationship to God must be strong enough to listen respectfully to corrections offered.  That is an essential first step.  That “kill the messenger” reaction must end!  Hear the person out and then respond respectfully.

I found it interesting to see the response to Uriah who gave the exact same message as Jeremiah did to the same people.  He was tracked down in another country (Egypt), brought back to Jerusalem, and killed.  I might want to keep that in mind when I’m offering corrections!

I want God’s guidance, even if it comes in the form of correction. His Way is the best and only way.  My bad reactions to correction, hinders a way that He may be using to keep me on His Way.

Conclusion: I am a mistake-prone sinner needing correction.  I must be willing to listen to correction and respond respectfully to the corrector.



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