“Thanks, Lord.”

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”  Psalm 118:1.

There is no end to God’s goodness.

Everything that happens to believers is good because God is looking out for them.

I do not have to worry about the present and the future.  God is now and will ever be.

I need to be much more mindful of God.  So many things happen that should be directing my thoughts to His goodness to me.

I was out in a blueberry field today with my sister.  The berries were everywhere, and I had a good friend with me.  What blessings!  “Thank You, Lord for the abundance of berries you led us to.  Thank You, Lord for being able to have my dear sister along to enjoy the spot.”

I go through a day often inattentive to God.  He’s with me and I act as if He isn’t.  My Provider is always “handy enough” to thank.

Why don’t I thank Him more often?  I think that I just lose track of His Presence.

Every good thing I have is a gift from the One I’m ignoring!  I have no trouble on my birthday and at Christmas thanking folks for presents, why am I not doing the same thing in the ongoing, God-given blessings?

Conclusion: I must thank God without ceasing.  There certainly are enough reasons to.

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