I see mountains, He sees flat land

“For the Lord will deliver Jacob and redeem them from the hand of those stronger than they.”  Jeremiah 31:11.

The Israelites were going to be captured and into exile by the Babylonians.  In today’ verse, Jeremiah passes on God’s promise to deliver the Israelites from the Babylonians.

The Babylonians were bigger/stronger in every way.  God was unimpressed with any of that.

I was examining my prayer life after reading today’s verse.  Some things are so minor that I don’t even pray about them – “I’ve got this.”  Some things are so overwhelming that I don’t pray convincingly about them – “This is too big for everyone but I’ll pray because that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Mistakes in both directions.  If I am praying without ceasing, then there is nothing that “I’ve got.”  I must have God involved in the small things.  If the God of today’s verse is the God I love, then there is nothing too big for Him.  I need to pray accordingly.

I have two relatives who, in my opinion, are rejecting God.  I often pray for them, but do I pray with assumptions that God could really change them?  I don’t think so.  I pray “routinely” for them.

I read a story recently of a Godly man who had a preaching engagement scheduled for Canada.  He was on a boat crossing the Atlantic.  It became foggy and getting to port in a timely manner was jeopardized.  The Godly man’s companion said that because of the fog the preacher would be late.  The Godly man said that they should go below deck and pray.  The Godly man prayed. Then he told his companion NOT to pray.  Why? Because he didn’t believe God would answer his doubting companion, and he (the Godly man) believed that God had already answered.  They went up on the deck and the fog had lifted.

It really is something to think about.  On what basis would a Godly man ask God for something he didn’t think that God could deliver?  How much confidence do I have in God’s capabilities when I pray for the souls of my two relatives?  Embarrassingly little, I suspect!

Conclusion: The obstacles I envision do not exist to God.  He can touch any life at any time.  I must pray accordingly.

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