What happens when God gets angry?

“Because of the Lord’s anger she will not be inhabited but will be completely desolate.  All who pass Babylon will be appalled; they will scoff because of her wounds.” Jeremiah 50:13.

God is in charge.  He punishes.  He rewards.  He does it when He chooses.

Babylon was used to punish Israel.  Now Babylon is punished for abusing Israel.

I have often misunderstood God’s timing.  I am looking for the instant reward or the instant punishment.

I do something good and expect that a watching God has taken my goodness in and will act accordingly. There will be acclaim and a bunch of “Well done’s.”

When I see or read of evil I expect a watching God to catch it and punish it.  The evil-doer will learn an immediate lesson.

God’s timing is not like that.  I cannot, and never will be able to, fathom how/when God works.

I know that He’s watching but His reward/punish system is His own.  He’ll react in His own way and often contrary to what I would expect.

When I realistically look at my life I notice that I am a sinner.  I do/say things wrong regularly.  I embarrass my spiritual self and I offend God.  How dare I wonder why I’m not getting acclaim for an occasional good deed!  On balance alone, my sins far outweighs my goodness.  I deserve punishment and sometimes I get it.  Other times it doesn’t happen to me.

I want my life to be clean before Him.  I MUST constantly check for sin and immediately repent of it.  I don’t want God to have reasons to be angry.  It concerns me.  It upsets me.

Even though God has reason to be angry with me, I know that He loves me.  I belong to Him.  I’m a child of His.  I have an eternal spot in heaven with Him.  That’s why those who have rejected God must not realize the consequence of angering Him.  They could be severely punished, as the Babylonians were, in this life.  They will be punished in the next life by being eternally separated from God.

Conclusion: I must not anger God.  I must beg Him to reveal my sins to me and then repent of them.


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