Praise and more praise

“Praise the Lord.  I will extol the Lord with all my heart in the council of the upright and in the assembly.”  Psalm 111:1.


Certainly not a casual approach.

I think of the things that I really get into.  I will put in time and concentration.  I’m locked in and it’s hard to distract me.  If, however, a distraction does occur, it won’t be well received.

David (the writer) is going to praise God with all his heart.  His life will be centered in God praise.  The naturalness of his relationship to God will overflow to every place he is at.

Surely something for me to aspire to.  What stops me?

One thing is my shallow understanding of what God does.  How can I praise someone whose works are unrecognized by me?

Another thing is distractions.  I have trouble focusing on one thing.  I hear birds outside, cars going by as I’m writing this.  Zeroed in I’m not!

As I meditated on this verse, I worked to think of all that God has done for me.  I tried it from within a room.  Through the window I saw my wife, a gift to me if there ever was one!  I thought of how long (24 years) God had let us be in a house in Maine.  I saw a painting in the room of the house that was the result of our daughter hiring a painter.  How thoughtful of her!  I am convinced that there is plenty to be thankful for if we’ll deliberately, permanently take note of His Works.

Our praise for God must overflow to others.  I live in a world that often keys on what is wrong.  Of course, “wrong” can be of God too, but I digress.  If I am not overflowing with praise for God, then the praising I attempt is merely contrived and phony.  It must be authentically from my God’s-Works-seeing heart.

Conclusion: My praise of God is infrequent because I am oblivious to His Works.  I must recognize His Works and overflow in authentic words.



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