How could I ever forget what’s her name?

“And you have forgotten me, declares the Sovereign Lord.”  Ezekiel 22:12.

Ezekiel has just rattled off a list of sins committed by the Israelites as told to him by God.

Then the damning summary: you have forgotten me.

This is a direct hit on me.  None of the ungodly things I do would be done if I was mindful of God.

It is such a simple thought: be mindful of God.

The sad truth is that if I’m not mindful of God then I am mindful of Satan.  There’s no way I can sugar coat this.

My life has too many godless moments.  It is troubling.

How can I forget God?  It happens because I lose track of His mercy and grace to me.  These are not just “nice” things.  They are awesome things.

The thing with God is that His Goodness isn’t just last week’s news.  He is in my midst.  I am well fed.  The sun is out.  I have clothing and a loving companion.  The list goes on and on.  But do I remember Him on and on?  No.  Why?  I stop counting my blessings and forget God.

How can this change?  I must add God to the list of things I don’t forget.  Why do I remember where my cellphone is?  I use the phone regularly and there are serious consequences if I can’t find it.  Why doesn’t God fit into the same pattern with me?  He should!

Conclusion: There is no way I can forget God, but I do.  He needs to top my “list” of things that must be remembered.

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