Misplaced trust

“Egypt will no longer be a source of confidence for the people of Israel but will be a reminder of their sin in turning to her for help. Then they will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.”  Ezekiel 29:16.

I am having trouble with my camera.

Israel was having trouble with a neighbor.

What do we do when the going gets tough?  Look for help.

If you asked me about God, I would tell You that He is Almighty.  Not a thing He can’t do.  Can handle everything.  Just need to trust Him.

But then reality comes along.  My camera isn’t working right.  Israel has a big threatening neighbor.

How many hours of frustration do I have to go through (over my camera) before I stop and recognize that God hasn’t been considered?

Israel feared Babylon. But did they turn to God for help?  Nope.  They turned to Egypt, their neighbor to the south.

God isn’t pleased with me and He wasn’t pleased with Israel.

When I “turn” to God it suggests that I am looking away from Him to begin with!  That isn’t right.

Egypt was a godless place.  Today’s verse tells us that God is going to so reduce Egypt that Israel can see that trusting them for help was foolish.

This is God being God.  He cares so much for Israel that He lessens their counterfeit gods.  As I thrash about looking for answers, I discover that my counterfeit gods are limited.

The answers to my camera problems exist somewhere in the maze of photography information.  I need God to show (enlighten) me what I need to do to fix things.  That search for solutions (on my own) hasn’t been pretty!  You know that you need help when a Google search isn’t helpful.

I believe if I commit my dilemma to God, I can live with what happens next.  Frustration comes when I trust counterfeit gods.  They might help me this time but eventually they’ll be terminal.  “Lord, I need help.  Direct/Send it to me, I pray.”

Conclusion: Counterfeit gods are limited. God isn’t.  I must entrust my problems to the Unlimited One.


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