Sin sticks

“Her filthiness clung to her skirts; she did not consider her future.”  Lamentations 1:9.

This verse is talking about Jerusalem.  They disobeyed God and never considered the consequences.

When I disobey God, I must know that my disobedience is noticed.  If God knows about it, then I must do something about it.

Jerusalem ignored God and weren’t concerned about the consequences.  How is that possible?  Maybe they were so entrenched in sin that they couldn’t stop.  Maybe they had no fear of God.

I cannot intentionally disobey God without fearing the consequences.  I know that I am going to be uncomfortable if I let things slide.  My guilt is not going to go away.  I need to confess my sin to the One I have disobeyed and then seek restoration with those who suffered through my disobedience.

Jerusalem did neither.  They ignored the consequences and ended up invaded and exiled.

God has charge of punishment.

My conscience must be so sharp that every sin I commit gets a reaction.  I need to be so close to God that I can’t sleep on disobedience.  I cannot rest until I’ve confessed to Him and cleaned up things with those offended.

Conclusion: I cannot let sin stick to me.  I must confess it and address it.

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