God is talking. Are you listening?

“Hear me, my people, and I will warn you – if you would only listen to me, Israel!” Psalm 81:8.

God is frustrated with Israel.  They won’t listen!

God has things to tell me, also, and I often do the same thing.

Why would I NOT want to hear what God has to say?  God has all the answers.  He knows what I should do and what I shouldn’t do.  The more I write this the more asinine I realize it is for me to stop listening to Him!

Scripture tells me to “pray without ceasing.”  I need also to LISTEN without ceasing.

How different my lifestyle would be if I walked it with Him straining as I go to hear Him.

Wouldn’t it be important to chat with Him before I talked to the next person in my day?  It sure would but I often jump right in and spiel words of my own choosing.

I am easily frustrated in my household when folks don’t listen to me.  Why?  I have something I think is important for them to know.

I have heard from God via His Word.  I put the brakes on in my daily reading when I come to a verse that is “living” enough to be a directive for me.  Today it is about listening. God must be as riled up with me as He was with Israel.  And for the same reason.  He often can’t get through to me to help me live as He wants me to live.

I must beg God to speak to me in any way He can.

Conclusion: God has plenty to tell me.  I must listen to Him without ceasing.

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