Are you an Old Testament worshiper?

“On the Sabbaths and New Moons the people of the land are to worship in the presence of the Lord at the entrance of that gateway.”  Ezekiel 46:3.

Worship is now so different.

I read of the procedures followed in the Old Testament and marvel at the changes.

In the Old Testament, God was in a place.  Then Jesus came, and God was on the move.  Now Jesus has left, and we have the omnipresent Holy Spirit.

The way we worship is indicative of which of those three stages we are at.  I suspect that many go to Israel because they believe that this is where God is.  Some attend a certain church or connect to a certain denomination because they believe that God is there.

Are those two groups missing out on what really is?  I suspect so.

When I go to a place, I don’t go because God is there (and not someplace else) but because there are others there who feel the same way I do about God.  Similarly, I go to a Boston Celtics’ game because I want to celebrate that team with others who like the team.

God is with me now and He is with you at the same time.  He’s everywhere at once……try to grasp that!

I do not have to go someplace to be with Him.  He’s in my office as I write this.  When I leave to go fishing this afternoon, He’ll be with me there.

I need to be mindful of His presence wherever I am located.  I need to act accordingly.

I recall reading of folks who leave an empty chair at the dinner table to remind them of God’s presence.  Not a bad idea.

Conclusion: God is at hand.  I must celebrate His presence by behaving accordingly.

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