Praising Him

“Praise the Lord.  How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!”  Psalm 147:1.

A relative visiting us had a serious medical problem yesterday.  Six hours from home and with plenty of uncertainty, this situation was worrisome.  What to do?  The needed medical inquiries and connections were made.  Then the waiting started.

Isn’t it interesting that once the “planning” gets done and the uncertainty remains, it’s time to spend time with God.  Not that time wasn’t spent with Him when the problem first showed up.  But now in the uncertain waiting period, when there’s nothing more we can to, we pause in the reality that He is omnipresent…….and plead with Him for help.

And I am happy to report that my relative’s condition has gone away.  We went to sleep uncertain and awoke this morning realizing that God had intervened, and the scary condition was over.

God would have been worthy of praise even if the condition had continued because He has blessed us this time in a way that is remarkable.

That is why today’s verse, once again, fits where I live.  It is “pleasant” and “fitting” to praise Him.

Being thankful feels good to give and it feels good to get.  By thanking I am recognizing that something was done for me.  By thanking God, I am recognizing that what He did in yesterday’s situation is one of many ways He has been good to me.  My thanks to Him must be flowing freely.

Praising Him is certainly fitting.  All the imagined repercussions have vanished, and sighs of relief filled the house.  It makes perfect sense to praise the One responsible.

I must elevate the quantity and quality of my praises to Him.  This is more of that “mindful” thing.  If my mind if full of Him, I will see/hear what He is doing and respond accordingly.

What a great God!  He is truly amazing!

Conclusion: God deserves my praise.


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