Oh, my Word!

“It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear than for the least stroke of a pen to drop out of the Law.”  Luke 16:17.

The greatest book ever written!

It is new every morning or whenever you read it.

It can comfort.  It can instruct.  The ways it can impact are limitless.

I am finding His Word to be timely. Yesterday was the day a verse about praising God (Psalm 147:1) was part of my reading. “It is pleasant and fitting to praise the Lord.”  There was great reason yesterday in my household to praise God.

His Word is “living.”  I read it each day to find a spot that speaks directly to me.  It has not failed to work for me.

Today the certainty of His Word is assured.  What a comfort!  What a blessing!

I was thinking about how easily available His Word is.  What if I lose/forget my Bible?  No problem with extras on hand and copies online.  It, like God, is always in my midst.

I suspect that many are overwhelmed by the Bible.  Where do you start?  What about the hard-to-figure sections?

My initial approach was to read it from end to end to see what was in there.  There were tough patches but there were more-than-enough places where I could understand and learn from.

I am now reading UNTIL I find a place that hits me.  I never know how far that will take me in the assigned passage.  So far, I have not gone far before something is “living” for me.  Today I am reminded of the greatness of His Word.  Boy, do I know that to be true!

Conclusion: His Word is awesome.

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