Act in haste. Repent in leisure.

“When I heard their outcry and these charges, I was very angry.  I pondered them in my mind and then accused the nobles and officials.”  Nehemiah 5:6-7.

Note what Nehemiah didn’t do.  He didn’t take immediate action.  His anger gave way to thought.

I now read Scripture looking for things I can apply to myself.  Today’s verses screamed out to me.

As I read verse six I thought of my need to hear what is happening in my midst and to have a reaction to it.  Don’t be so blasé.

But then verse seven followed.  Nehemiah pondered before he took action.

I get riled up.  I take immediate action and often regret it later.

There is a sequence given here.  I do need to be tuned into what is happening in my midst, BUT I also need to react in a Godly fashion.  To react as I should, involves an immediate connect to God: “What do You want me to do here?”

Sometimes there isn’t much time but often there is.

I covered a cross country meet yesterday.  It was very hot and many of the runners were in pain.  A girl from one team collapsed nearing the finish line.  A girl from another team was part of the group that came over to help.  That other-team girl stayed with someone she hardly knew nearly forty-five minutes because as she told me, “I saw that she was in a lot of pain and I had to help.”

I need to tune in to those around me. I need to see them as God sees them.

I need to ask God for the appropriate actions to take. He knows what’s best.

Conclusion: I must see those in my surroundings better and react when/how He wants me to react.



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