There is an order

“They stood in their places and confessed their sins and the sins of their ancestors.  They stood where they were and read from the Book of the Law of the Lord their God for a quarter of the day, and spent another quarter in confession and in worshiping the Lord their God.” Nehemiah 9:2-3.

I am finding sequences in the Bible.  Things relating to God have order.

I always want to be right with God.

I know that I am a sinner and will always be a sinner.  It is a never-ending process to be confessing my sins.

In this “Nehemiah” sequence things start with a general confession.  How often we say/think “Lord, forgive me of my sins.”  Nothing specific.

Then these folks looked at God’s Word.  It helps to identify specific shortcomings.

Then they returned to confessing their sins because now they had discovered specific things in God’s Word that needed confessing.

At last they moved into worshiping.  They were clean before Him and could concentrate on Him.  The distractions to full worship were eliminated.

I think of how often I mess up this sequence.

Too often I generalize my sinfulness.

Too often I read without applying what I read to me.  I’m looking for others!

Too often my drive to confess specific sins in my life is less than it should be.

Too infrequently I stand clean before God and worship Him in that status.

I have a lot of work to do but knowing the order for doing it is provided in today’s verses.

Conclusion: Confess, read, confess some more, and then worship Him.




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