What does “filled with the Holy Spirit” sound like?

“Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them: …..”  Acts 4:8-11.

For those of us keen on being filled with the Holy Spirit, today’s section of verses is insightful.

Peter is identified as being filled with the Holy Spirit.  He’s a believer and he’s overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit.

Peter is given an opportunity to explain what is going on in his life.  Talk about opening a door!

In applying Scripture to myself, I must respond to open doors, not ones I’ve broken down.  Peter was ready to verbally represent God and God provided the opening.

Peter explained to those who invited him to speak; what Jesus had done (through them) and who Jesus was.

Paul sets up a similar pattern for witnessing but starts with who Jesus is and then goes on to what Jesus did.  If it worked for them, why not me?

The part of these verses that struck me first was that Peter quoted Scripture to those listening.  There was no script used.  Peter knew Scripture and was able to fit it appropriately into his presentation.

I need to be using God’s Words more.  To do this, I must spend more time memorizing Scripture.  I believe that I am better acquainted with stories from the Bible than I ever was, but actual, appropriate verses aren’t rolling off my lips.  Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit and Psalm 118:22 rolled right into his spontaneous presentation.

Conclusion: Filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter told who Jesus is, what Jesus did, and quoted Scripture.  I must do likewise.


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