God presses the mute button

“You have wearied the Lord with your words. ‘How have we wearied him?’ you ask.  By saying, ‘All who do evil are good in the eyes of the Lord, and he is pleased with them’ or ‘Where is the God of justice?’” Malachi 2:17.

How terrible for this to happen to a believer. What?  God being tired of listening to them.

My behavior has consequences.

My points-of-view have consequences.

The folks referenced in today’s verse blamed God for not enabling them to get their way.  They looked around and saw “evil doers” having good things.  Things that they deserved, or at least they thought they deserved.  Therefore, to them God was unjust, and they were willing to call Him out regarding it.

How arrogant!  God isn’t another of us.  He is the almighty One.  He created everything.  He keeps it going.  He put each of us on this earth.  He knows what He’s doing.

My part is to do what He wants me to do and let Him take care of the rest.  End of story.

Last week I had a plumbing need met immediately….Praise the Lord.  Later this week I lost my glasses and haven’t found them……Praise the Lord.

Was God available one time and on vacation in the other?  Definitely not!

He’s in charge.  He calls the shots.  He was as much with me in one situation as He was in the other.  I prayed for help in both instances.  I do not control what His help looks like.

Conclusion: God provides me with what I need. He does know best.


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