Qualified to serve Him

“Brothers and sisters, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom.” Acts 6:3.

What qualities do I need to serve Him right?

Today’s verse spells out two things; Spirit-filled and wise.  The Message uses “common sense” in place of wisdom.

I am at the “management” level in my household.  If I want to manage in a way that pleases Him, I must have the given qualities.

The two qualities can’t be separated.  One without the other will mess things up.  I can be Spirit-filled and of no earthly good.  I can wise but missing God as my ultimate driver.

They have to go together.  I am an earthen vessel.  I leak!  I can’t be filled with the Holy Spirit one time and coast after that.  Being filled is an ongoing process.  I need to wake up into it and I need to be mindful of that filling during the day.

Too often I let the “filling” become less, without taking corrective action.  I need Him every second.

If I am tight to God, I will pause my way into action.  I will prayerfully consider what I do.  I will take instruction.  I will learn from correction.

I want to rightly represent Him in my midst.

Conclusion: I must be filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom to represent Him rightly in all situations.


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