I am not on God’s advisory board

“How then can I dispute with him?  How can I find words to argue with him?” Job 9:14.

Why do I try to boss God around?

How often do I pray as if God is busy and I need to get Him up to speed on what is going on?

I pray, “Lord, do this or that,” or “Lord, be with so-and-so.”  Do I realize what I am actually doing?  I am underestimating Him.  My God is small when I do that.

God is totally in charge.  The sun shines because He allows it to shine.

God does not need my help at the management level.  He needs my help at the servant level.  He’s looking for someone who realizes His greatness and is willing to do whatever He asks him to do.

Often, however He gets someone who minimizes Him and has the unmitigated willingness to offer suggestions!

I am indeed to pray without ceasing.  I am indeed to be in regular interaction with Him.  But I do these as to The Boss and from a servant’s position. I imagine Him as being so awesome that I start with, “What do You want me to do.  Whatever it is I will attempt it in Your Strength.”

Conclusion: I must always be a servant of God and glad to be that.

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