How do I deal with the disagreeable folks in my life?

“For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.”  1 John 3:11.

Obviously, John didn’t have to spend time with the folks I have to spend time with!

Isn’t that what we think?

People say/so things that rile us up.  We “know” they’re wrong, but they haven’t come to their senses yet!

Whoa.  Stop.  I’ve always known how I was supposed to treat them, states today’s verse; I’m to love them.

If I try to love someone in my own strength I am setting myself up, at some point, to be disappointed.  Granted, there are folks who are easy to love.  Why?  They don’t do things you dislike.  Anyone could/would love them.  It’s the “others” that cause the trouble.

How then, do I love them?  Most important point: I must be filled with the Holy Spirit.  In my own strength, I can only cover the lovable.  In His strength I can cover everyone.

His Love must fill my life.  I must start the day filled with Him and I must make sure that I stay filled the rest of the day.

I’ll know if I’m losing ground by how I behave.  The first sign of “grouchy” shows what has happened; I’ve unfilled myself of Him.

Conclusion: Being filled with Him and loving others go together.

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