“God is not pleased with me.”

Beware of The Condemner

“If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.” 1 John 3:20.

How inadequate I am!

I get it wrong.  I misrepresent Him.  How can He care for someone like me?

I beat myself to death, and I have an accomplice in the process…..The Condemner.  Satan, himself.

That still small voice is NOT always the Holy Spirit.  Satan has access to my thinking.

Satan knows what I’m about.  He wants to influence me.  He desperately wants to limit me as I try to please God.

My neighbor is not (yet) a believer.  I ask God for his salvation.  I share the Gospel with him.  He is not (yet) a believer.  The Condemner is all over me because of it.  He wants to “help” me.  “Leave him alone.”  “Do it this way.”  “You’re a failure.”  “God is disappointed with you.”  And on and on he goes.

My comfort comes from today’s verse: “God is greater than our hearts.”  God knows my intentions.  God knows that I want my neighbor saved.  He knows that I pray for my neighbor regularly.  He knows that I am willing to follow His lead.

Satan can condemn me and my efforts, but God measures me by His Own standard.  If I come out wanting by His measures than I need to make corrections, BUT if not, then I need to live knowing that my neighbor’s salvation is in His Hands and for that I can rejoice.

What I’ve learned is that I spend too much time magnifying my failures and not enough time magnifying what being a child of God means.

I need to recognize that The Condemner has a still small voice.  His words are not God’s Words.

If my heart is right with God than I can reject the insinuations of The Condemner and move on in joy.

Conclusion: I must give my all to Him and then enjoy where that takes me.


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