Do you hear what I hear?

“They are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them.”  1 John 4:5.

The closer I am to God, the better my “hearing” will be.

I am to be on guard regarding my own words.  Do I sound like someone representing God?

How will my representation reveal itself?  I will know Him well enough to inject His Thoughts into conversations.

I need to have His Truths stored up.  Those Truths must leave the pages that I so faithfully read and become part of my thinking.

Someone was here the other day that feared the future.  I needed to have words from His Wisdom available…….and didn’t.  I thought afterward that I wanted to represent Him but couldn’t muster His Words confidently and so I said nothing.  It was a shameful moment for me.

And what have I done about it?  I continue to read and write but do I internalize His Word?

The beauty of knowing His Words is that when inserted into life’s interactions they are His Words not mine.

If what I say is rejected, it is really God’s Word that is being rejected.  The rejecter’s issue is ultimately with God, not me.

In numerous places in the Bible, I am promised that the world (Devil) is going to be offended by God’s Words.  Do I have His Words harbored enough in me that I could even “offend” anyone in my use of them?

Conclusion: I must fill my mind with His Truths so that His Words are in my interactions.

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