Grace, mercy and peace

“Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, will be with us in truth and love.”  2 John 1:3.

I was struck this morning by the three gifts from God that are announced in today’s verse.

Grace is getting something I don’t deserve.

Mercy is NOT getting what I deserve.

Peace is a calmness based on security.

God gives me all of them.

Naturally, I have to “wear” them.  I get a nice, warm hat for Christmas.  It is sure to make me comfortable in the cold weather.  I have it, but will I wear it?

These gifts of God are like that.  I possess them and must live in ownership of them.

When I forget His Grace, I become complacent.  I act as if I was worthy of Him.  It is not true. For His reasons, He chose me.  He enabled me to see my need of Him and to proceed from there.

When I forget His Mercy, I get resentful of others.  I deserve eternal separation from Him because of my sinfulness past and present.  He has spared me.  I must “spare” others as He spared me.

When I forget His Peace, I am sent into turmoil easily and often.  God is with me.  He’s in the boat on the raucous Sea of Galilee resting.  The “waves” of life are real, but He has all the resulting scenarios covered.

(I credit Tim Keller for some of the thoughts I have just expressed.)

What a comfort to know that God is running the show!  I must cling to Him.  I must let my relationship to Him grow and overflow.

Conclusion: Grace, mercy, and peace are mine in Him.


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