I am glad He’s listening

“The Lord hears the needy and does not despise his captive people.”  Psalm 69:33.

I want to always please God.

It’s not always going to happen, so I need Someone to point out my shortcomings.

God is a loving God, so I do not resent His enlightenings.

Satan hates me.  His advice is devious.  His favorite words to me are, “Don’t worry about it.”

I do something I shouldn’t.  My God-conscience kicks in: “What you just did is wrong.”  The voice of the evil one kicks in too: “Don’t worry about it.  It was minor.”

I must discern the origin of each “voice.”  How will I do that?  By staying close to God.  He not only instructs, He also warns.

I am destined for trouble when I underestimate the evil one.  He is a worthy foe.  He won’t be easily dissuaded.  He is relentless.

I am indeed needy of Him 24/7.  I must never drift away from Him because that action sends me into the waiting arms of the evil one.

Conclusion: I identify myself as needing God 24/7 and determined to act accordingly.


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