The eyes have it

“Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.”  Psalm 119:37.

My life is filled with visual attractants.

I have books, a computer, a television all within short reach.

How easily I am drawn away from what I’m doing into something else.  I think that is why I can’t read for any length of time; too many distractions.

The psalmist, in today’s verse, asks for God’s help with this problem.

Many of the visuals in my midst are not bad in and of themselves.  There is a time and place for them.  And I will interpret the word “worthless” to mean something like, “at this moment” worthless.

Once again, God MUST be running my life.  He must be considered for everything in advance.  The day starts with, “Lord, what do You want me doing today?”  That is followed by, “Reveal to me Your Will.”

I am pleased by the number of times a Godly insight follows when I connect to God that way.  It seems that I see my visuals with His Eyes and can prioritize better.

I want to sort out my life in a Godly fashion so that I maximize the ways I please Him.  To do that, I need to endlessly be near enough to Him to catch His Insights.

Conclusion: I want God to control the visuals in my midst.


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