Loving like a grandparent

“For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.”  Psalm 149:4.

God loves us better than grandparents love their grandchildren!

That’s love, believe me.

It’s “overlooking” love.  The GC’s can be a pain in the neck, but you still love them.

You look beyond the misbehavior because you have a “bigger” love for them. They can do wrong, but those wrongs are not going to stop you from loving them.

God is like that to a degree I can’t fathom and neither can you.  He “delights” in us.  He sees us as we really are and still loves us.  He’s not pleased by misbehavior but as His children we have a special relationship to Him.

That is a type of love that I want to display…….and often don’t.  I did something nice for someone today.  When they didn’t reward me in some way, I started to go after them over some other things that were going on.  Very shallow on my part.  I MUST love those in my midst with Unconditional love, not conditional.

God knows what I’ve done.  He’s delighted by my Godly behavior.  That should be enough.  But why isn’t it?  Because I lose track of what His Love for me means: He’s delighting in having me as His child.  Others can’t replicate His Love even if they want to.  I MUST be delighted in knowing that I’m His child and behave with that assurance in mind.

Conclusion: God delights in me not because I deserve it but because I’m in His family.

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