Does God see everything I do?

“When you did these things and I kept silent, you thought I was exactly like you.  But I now arraign you and set my accusations before you.”  Psalm 50:21.

God does NOT miss what I do.

There are Old Testament stories where wrong deeds were instantly punished.

There are also Old Testament stories where punishment doesn’t happen.

We are all sentenced to death because we are all sinners.  Our first sin put us on death row.  That we are still living is a result of God’s mercy.

We all have a “tab” with Him.

There are certainly “known” sins.  Those are the ones that keep coming back to mind.  I try to pray, and my sin comes before me.  God wants me to own up to what He has witnessed and to seek restoration.

I love life when I am clean before Him.  I have confessed my sins and completed restoration work.  God and I are on speaking terms and so many Godly things can result.

Today’s verse doesn’t get into any of that good stuff!  It is about those who misunderstand God.  They imagine Him to be like them.  They assume that if I do something wrong and get no negative feedback, then it was okay behavior.  Serious mistake!

I must walk closely with Him.  I must beg Him to test, try, and examine me and to reveal to me the results so that I can change in His Strength.

Conclusion: God is not missing any of my behavior.  I need to live accordingly.

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