Am I what I say I am?

“In return for my friendship they accuse me, but I am a man of prayer.”  Psalm 109:4.

When the going gets tough, I’m praying.

When things are going along nicely, I’m praying.

Sounds good, but is it true about me?

David claimed that he was a man of prayer.  His assertion comes amid detailed accusations against those who are giving him trouble.

This is where you get an Old/New Testament reality.  We are told, in the New Testament, to love our enemies.  In the Old Testament, the desire is to hurt your enemies.

Jim Cymbala: If the New Testament disagrees with the Old Testament then you go with the New Testament. Therefore, I am to love those who oppose me.

But there is a constant: I need to be a man of prayer.  That concept, found in today’s Old Testament verse, is certainly reconfirmed in the New Testament.

Praying is a conversation with a present God.

I am not very talkative but that shouldn’t give me reason to ignore the nearby God.  Thank You’s can certainly flow from my lips nonstop!

I am finding that with work I go hours unmindful of God.  He’s in the car with me as I teach driver’s ed and yet I forget about Him?  How can I do that?  I am certainly is a steady conversation with the teenagers in the car.  Why would I forget Him?

Conclusion: I must pray as if God is nearby……..because He is!


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