I made a fool of myself

“May I wholeheartedly follow your decrees, that I may not be put to shame.”  Psalm 119:80.

It’s true.  I dug myself into a hole yesterday and then keep on digging!

I am pleased to report today that thanks to a Godly spouse I have returned to ground level.

I learned once again that unless I am closely attached to God, I can be victimized by the Adversary.

I was bothered by something yesterday and instead of choosing to respond in a Godly way I opted for an ungodly response.  Credit the Adversary.  He convinced me that responding as I did was appropriate, and he kept me going in that misdirection.

I knew as things fell apart that I was wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself.  Why? I had lost my attachment to God.  I had let go of Him and distanced myself from Him.

I went to bed unhappy and knew that what I had done was wrong.  This morning I knew I was still wrong, but now I knew what had caused the trouble.

I needed interaction with a Godly woman so that I could own the wrong and ask for forgiveness.  And that was what had happened.

Today’s randomly chosen Psalm unearthed an appropriate verse for my situation.  What does this verse say to me? Stay close to God or you’re going to find out what separation from Him brings.

It is easy for me to slide into thinking that I am attached to Him, when I’m really not.  I think that “attached” comes in degrees.  I can ride down the street with a cover over something in the back of my truck and it’s no problem.  If I get going a little faster that cover starts to feel the effects of the breeze.  My “cover” with God must be tightly attached so that I can handle everything that comes along.

Conclusion: I need full-time attachment to God.



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