Punish them, Lord

“Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; Lord, tear out the fangs of those lions!” Psalm 58:6.

We all find ourselves troubled by what others do.

All you need do is watch the news!

The world has so many villains. So many evil people persisting in their evilness.

What to do about them?

The psalmist has his ideas.  Rough them up. Hurt them.

But note the important piece in what the psalmist says: “O God.”

The psalmist has his ideas, but he is leaving the avenging to God.

I need to remember that truth.  God is much better at avenging wrongs than I will ever be.  He knows all the details and He has the wherewithal to punish rightly.

There is a final judgment when all the books will be opened.

Two interesting question for those who believe that there is nothing beyond this life: “Does someone like Hitler go unpunished? If so, why do good deeds when we can get away with bad ones?”

Conclusion: I must leave avenging to God.


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