What should I do about my enemies?

“The Lord says to my lord; ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.’”  Psalm 110:1.

There is so much in this verse.

Today I looked at this verse in ways suggested by Tim Keller in “Hidden Christmas.”  I would highly recommend that book.

Tim takes Mary’s “ponders” and “treasures,” and writes that I need to look at Scripture that way.

I read plenty of Scripture, but do I ponder it?  Do I make it a part of my life?

I should take a harder/longer look at a verse.  I have had the habit of finding one thing in a verse.  Today I realized that my “fast” approach misses additional points that a longer look might open to me.

I tried the “new” approach on the verse above that I found today in my random Psalm reading.

God invites me to be close to Him.  He doesn’t drag me or insist.  It’s an invitation and one that I can accept or reject.

I must understand that being close to Him will give my life the shape that He wants.  It will spiritually benefit me. I will see Him in action.

When I’m close to Him, I will have His help with my enemies.  I couldn’t help but think that those I consider “enemies” might take on a new look when I’m sitting close to God.

No matter what my enemies look like, they will be minimized by God.  He will eliminate them, or He will give me what I need to face them.

The word “until” is important.  This is not, drop by, share a divine moment, and then go back to where I came from.  This is about accepting His invitation and staying there. I will always need Him.  I live in a world where enemies are a reality.  Why wouldn’t I want to allow Him to take care of them?

God doesn’t leave me.  What happens is that I ignore His presence.  I act independent of Him.  There’s no prayerful consultation on my part…….and off the deep end I go.  But He is saying in this verse, “Come over to me and relax while I put my touch on you and your enemies.”

Conclusion: “I accept Your invitation, Father.”


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