What’s in my head?

“May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the Lord.”  Psalm 104:34.

How often do I think about God?  I guess it depends on where I am and/or who I’m with.

Some days hours go by before I’m mindful of Him.

How can I change that?

I think that God gets lost from my mind when I begin to minimize Him.

If I can keep in mind how awesome He is, then my thoughts will include Him.

What catches me in today’s verse is that God can be DISpleased with what I think about.  I cannot let that happen.  I want to always please Him.

When I spend time thinking/talking about Him, I will have reasons to rejoice that I am His child.

Satan is keen on keeping me distracted.  He wants me to live remote from God.  He wanted me satisfied with an occasional meditation on God.  If God isn’t in the center of my thinking, then Satan is.  Why would I give Satan any room in my life?

God is calling me to total surrender.  I am often living in conditional surrender.  He wants unconditional surrender.  How much have I missed of Him because I think more often of other things instead of His things?

Conclusion: I must think unceasingly of Him.

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