Do you love Me?

“All people will fear; they will proclaim the works of God and ponder the things he has done.” Psalm 64:9.

You have no use for God?  You will someday, according to today’s verse.

God has done amazing things……”The heavens declare…”

I must follow the pattern of the verse; proclaim and ponder.

It could be like saying “uncle,” where you can change your mind later.  “Pondering” instead involves long term.

How can I ever lose my awareness of His greatness?  For me, it happens when my distractions overpower me.

I can go through many waking hours out-of-touch with Him.  I am drifting along separated from Him.  Who am I letting guide me?  The Evil One!

Satan doesn’t always hit me with a pitchfork.  He is better known (to me) as a whisperer.  He encourages me to trust myself.  “You can do this.” “You can figure this out.”  And at times I do, and that just leads to more separation from the God I love.

A love-relationship is ongoing.  I will not be easily distracted by other things when I am in love.  My concentration will be on the object of my affections.  Is that the way I am with God?  Not nearly!

Conclusion: I must proclaim and ponder His greatness endlessly because I love Him.

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