But God

“But God will shoot them with his arrows…..” Psalm 64:7

God has got this one for those who are right with Him.

David, in this psalm, starts with all the bad things going on in his life, and there were plenty of them, but ends with spiritual truths.

The enemy is overwhelming, but God overwhelms them!

I mentioned a few days ago in this blog that my wife was in a car accident.  I heard the news on a voice mail that shook my world: “I’ve been in an accident. I’m not hurt. The car is ruined. Come quickly.”

There was no chance for a formal prayer.  It was all simple: “Lord, help her.  Help us.”

That was last Thursday and things have settled down since.  “But God” has surfaced in the details.

Seeing God is crucial for believers.  It separates us from the godless.

Verse 9 of this psalm informs us that ALL will be in awe of God.  They’ll see what He does but won’t say it’s His doing.  They’ll talk about what they witnessed but miss Him.

Verse 10 shows how those right with God will react: “The righteous will rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in Him.”  They will not only see God’s handiwork but identify it as of God.  Big difference.

Conclusion: I need to see things with Godly eyes.


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