I call Him King, but it He?

“But God is my king……” Psalm 74:12.

God is in charge, or at least that’s what I say.

Think of how I live, though.  Don’t I behave as if I’m in charge!

Why don’t I defer more to Him?  “If the Lord approves…”  Do I ever say that?

I say, instead, “I will……….”

God is not mocked.  He knows my heart.  He knows my motivation.

Do I really want a king?  Sure, I want to be in His Kingdom, but am I willing to be subjected to Him?

What would subjection look like?  I think it would start with an attitude of wanting to please the King.

If I can’t start there then I am looking to please someone else……..Satan.  That seems harsh because I would not intentionally say that I want to please Satan but how else can deliberately not pleasing God be interpreted?

I must report for “duty” 24/7.  “Here I am, my King,” is the way to start.  No strings attached.  No preconceived notions. Just, “Here I am, my King.”

Conclusion: “Here I am, my King.”

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