Does Satan have my tongue?

“Praise be to his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory.”  Psalm 72:19.

Can I not see what God is doing in my midst?

When I concentrate on noticing, there’s plenty to take note of.  Unfortunately, that’s only part of the problem.

Even if I notice what God has done, and is doing, will I speak up about it?

I want the habit of speaking up to be a habit.  I am unhappy with contriving it.

Why isn’t my mind mindful of Him?  What is it full of?

The natural beauty in my surroundings never quits.  Why do I quit praising the Giver of my surroundings?

Why don’t I notice the Godly Hand within my household?  I sure take notice when my “good” deeds aren’t recognized.  How does God feel when I slurp through His blessings?

I need a mental makeover.  I need to air out my thought life and get it oriented into steady praise of Him.

Conclusion: My silence about His blessings to me speak volumes.

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