Don’t fall for it

“If you worship me, it will all be yours.”  Luke 4:7.

Liar, liar!

Satan entices us to do his will by false promises.

Do this-or-that and you’ll be happy.

You have to take care of yourself.  No one else can do it better.

All lies.

In some ways, it’s like the persistent telemarketer: repetition wears down the customer’s resistance.

How often does Satan whisper that you deserve to indulge yourself?  Buy this.  Go there.

The Devil will say anything if it will lead us away from a dependence on God.

Satan is the master at making inroads in our God dependence.

What gets me is that his whispers are not usually to do things significantly different.  They are often suggestions to make small alterations in my Godliness.

I must remain tight with God.  I must crave Him and His guidance in everything.  I must not accept alternatives.

When I am close to God, Satan has to shout to get my attention.

When I am close to God, Satan’s suggestions sound ludicrous.

Conclusion: I must be close to God in all seasons.

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