Either or

“If you are not on my side, you are against me.  If you don’t gather in the crop with me, you scatter it.”  Luke 11:23.

Jesus said this.

There is no middle ground.

Jesus doesn’t want semi-attached help.

He doesn’t want part-time help.

He wants His Thoughts running through my head.

And yet here I am on vacation, easily distracted by the setting and the company.

The beauty here (Turks and Caicos) is a fine example of the amazing creation of God.  I left a place that was cold and crisp.  Now I’m in a place where it’s summer warm………..in March.

I cannot separate from God.  I must be mindful of Him.  I see turquoise water.  I feel a sweet breeze.  He is in my midst.  He’s knows me personally.

I must get to know Him better.  How?  Concentrating on Him is a necessity.  I must learn to see things with His Eyes.

I must.

Conclusion: I must concentrate on Him 24/7.


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