You sound like one of His

“Why do we need any more testimony? We have heard it from his own lips.” Luke 22:71

When Jesus spoke, not everyone listened…….but they should have.

Jesus identifies Himself as God’s Son.

His words were truth.  He was, indeed, God’s Son.

What He said revealed His identity.

You and I pour out a ton of words each day.  What do those words reveal?

Sadly, for many of us, our words betray what we profess.  They often portray godlessness.

I struggle with reacting badly to things.  When I’m in charge, the flow is usually Godly.  I know what I’ll be saying, and I can make sure that God is considered in the presentation.

Sadly, when someone else is directing the path of the conversation, things don’t go so well if I am not in agreement with them.

In those instances, I turn defensive and protective.  I can’t easily give in.

In today’s political climate, I wonder how those who have no use for the current President would react if he suddenly did something they had been advocating.  Would they be thankful?  Or would they instead be cynical about his new way?  Might they wonder if they were mistaken for advocating it in the first place?

In the Luke 22 verse, the listeners were convinced by the words of Jesus: He thought He was God’s Son.  His presentation was consistent with His other words and actions.

My words must be His Words.

My words must be consistently Godly.

Those in my midst are judging the reality of my relationship to God by what I say.  I must speak accordingly!


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